The Knowledge Broker Blueprint KBB 2.0 Review

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint KBB 2.0 Review

There was a time when ”real” entrepreneurs looked down on the so-called ”info-preneurs” and said the latter were just a joke that won’t last. People believed that entrepreneurship was all about selling physical goods that you can touch with your own hands and put to use in the real world.

Coal, silk, paper, gadgets, clothes, cars, jewelry—that’s what real entrepreneurs sold!

Now, years later, the knowledge industry is making over $355 million per day, and infopreneurs all around the world build 8-digit businesses without selling a single physical product.

The good news is that literally anyone can jump on this metaphorical train.

The bad news, on the other hand, is that the competition is unparalleled.

To succeed, the most effective way is to receive mentoring from someone who knows all the essential details about how the Knowledge Broker industry works, what’s trending right now, and what’s the best way for a newbie to join the fun.

That’s the Knowledge Broker Blueprint in a nutshell, brought to you by the world-class expert minds of Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson. But is it really worth the investment? What exactly can you expect from it? Do you need to have  a fully developed business idea to succeed with this blueprint?

Learn all of this today, and so much more, in our straightforward review of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB 2.0 ).


Who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is among of the most charismatic, successful, and influential infopreneurs in the world. Most known for his ideas on motivation, personal growth, productivity and business strategy, Tony’s masterminds and speeches gather hundreds of thousands of viewers—and help to improve the lives of millions more.

One of the essential benefits of Tony’s approach is that, instead of being heavily focused on one specific aspect of personal growth, it strives to build a comprehensive system that allows people to thrive in everything they do in life—business, relationships, mindset, and what not.

As of 2019, Tony’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 million, and his personal one-on-one mentoring programs can easily cost a fortune. To summarize, when it comes to succeeding in the knowledge business, there’s not a lot of people on his level. The man is a giant in the niche.

Who is Dean Graziosi?

Dean Graziosi is a world-class real estate strategist, business expert, and NY Times best-selling author. Dean is an experienced motivational speaker and life coach who routinely works with high-ticket clients and organizations to help them drastically increase their effectiveness, productivity, and overall profits.

Just like it is with Tony Robbins, Dean’s primary asset is his knowledge and expertise. Over the years, he managed to build a multi-million brand based on his skills, so rest assured he’s one of the best experts in the world to learn from. Dean Graziosi new book The Underdog Advantage shows you how to profit from your disadvantage

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is a self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur, best-selling author, and co-founder of the ClickFunnels empire. Over the years, Russell’s courses, trainings, and master-classes helped over 200 people become millionaires. Together, these lucky fellows make the 2 Comma Club, Brunson’s exclusive club of successful entrepreneurs.

Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace. Listen to Russell Brunson in the video below

As you see, the bright minds behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB 2.0) are nothing less than world-class. KBB is the kind of training that people buy for tens of thousands of dollars after a waiting line of MONTHS—but you can get it instantly, and for a relatively affordable price.

But the question remains: is KBB really worth it? Not in general, but for you specifically, for your particular idea, for your desired line of business. Should you invest in it?

Let’s try to answer this concern by examining what’s inside KBB 2.0  in the first place.


Inside Look at Knowledge Broker Blueprint KBB 2.0

KBB 2.0 is a 4-module online training created by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson. Besides this core part, numerous bonuses and upgrades (Power Moves) are available, but this is undoubtedly the first thing you have to focus on to determine if KBB will be a good investment for you.

Below you’ll find a quick overview of every module and every lesson in KBB 2.0 —just what you need to make an informed decision before making your purchase!

KBB Module 1: Extract It (Duration: 4 hours 58 minutes)

A successful online business starts with the right content: something based on your unique skills, expertise, and knowledge. Something you know well—and something that people will happily purchase from you.

If you’re afraid you don’t have something like this inside you, the first KBB module will be especially beneficial for you. Basically, it will guide you through all the process of finding and extracting this unique and valuable knowledge that you’ll be able to turn into a business using the KBB method.

KBB 2.0 Lesson 1.1: Tony Robbins’ Secret to Success (56 minutes total)

Most entrepreneurs fail because they don’t have the mindset required to succeed. Luckily, Tony Robbins is one of the best experts on this matter, and in this lesson he lays out the mind path to massive action and success—regardless of the specific niche! With this powerful weapon at your disposal, you’ll be able to make progress much faster, and effectively deal with any challenge that life throws your way.

Videos in KBB lesson #1.1:

  • What does it take to succeed? (36 minutes)
  • Mindset secrets to scale your business (18 minutes)
  • What to expect moving forward (1 minute)

KBB lesson 1.1 bonus: Tony’s secret energy for life

KBB 2.0 Lesson #1.2: Your Expertise & Ideal Client (51 minutes total)

With the mindset issue out of the way, it’s time to start outlining your specific expertise, along with the so-called ”ideal client” that would benefit from this kind of product. In the second lesson of KBB Module 1, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi help you to flesh out your content and narrow down your niche for extra impact.

Videos in KBB lesson #1.2:

  • Discovering your superpower (33 minutes)
  • Identifying your ideal client (14 minutes)
  • The narrow your niche tool (3 minutes)

KBB 2.0 lesson 1.2 bonus: 3 Simple ways to eliminate stress

KBB 2.0  Lesson #1.3: Story, Teach, Tool (31 minutes total)

Stories are an essential part of human culture, education, marketing, and growth. With the right story and enough energy, it’s possible to sell anything to anyone—especially when your offering resonates with the audience in the first place. All the creators of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint have extensive experience in the medium of storytelling, so KBB is the perfect place to master this invaluable skill.

Videos in KBB lesson #1.3:

  • The secret art of storytelling (10 minutes)
  • Extracting what you will teach (21 minutes)

KBB lesson 1.3 bonus: Tony – Why people buy feelings

KBB 2.0 Lesson #1.4: Your Toolbox (2 hours total)

One major challenge that all beginner entrepreneurs face is that they don’t have a ready-made set of tools to effectively deal with routine challenges on their path to success. They learn everything along the way, and that takes an insane amount of time and energy.

Luckily, after mastering the tips in this lesson, you’ll have a real toolbox of concepts, mental models, and problem solvers that will help you overcome over 95% of the issues that routinely pop up in the knowledge industry entrepreneur’s daily work.

Videos in KBB lesson #1.4:

  • The clarity tool (16 minutes)
  • Who I am & what I do (2 minutes)
  • Seven levels deep (11 minutes)
  • I know I’m being successful when (12 minutes)
  • Your not to do list (14 minutes)
  • The needle movers (8 minutes)
  • The spotlight tool (7 minutes)
  • The success loop (16 minutes)
  • The one thing (18 minutes)
  • Negotiation secrets (9 minutes)
  • Ideas worth doing (2 minutes)
  • The connections tool (3 minutes)
  • The wrap up tool (5 minutes)

KBB lesson 1.4 bonus: 3 simple habits to create ”Overnight Success”

KBB 2.0 Lesson #1.5: Your First Agenda (20 minutes total)

Knowledge without action is pointless, so it’s time to put what you learned so far to good use. But what’s the fastest and most effective way to start earning money using your knowledge and expertise? Well, according to Tony, Dean, and Russell, running events is usually MUCH more profitable than anything else. It may be a mastermind group, a workshop, or maybe a speaking event—either virtual or in-person, in the real world. If you’re up for the challenge, this lesson will become your starting point on the path to a massively successful event. Then, all the following lessons in KBB will teach you how to create, fill, run, and actually profit from your events.

Videos in KBB lesson #1.5:

  • Picking your event name (2 minutes)
  • Picking your event type (4 minutes)
  • Creating your first agenda (13 minutes)

KBB lesson 1.5 bonus: Tony – How to take massive action


KBB 2.0  Module 2: Fill It (Duration: 8 hours)

The success of any event is based on its attendees. Fill it with the right people, and everything will be amazing. Invite the wrong folks, and they will be bored, you’ll be disappointed, and no one will benefit at all. The second module of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint focuses on this essential component of an explosive event: filling it with the right audience for maximum impact and profits.

KBB Lesson #2.1: Becoming a Marketing Expert (1 hour 29 minutes total)

Marketing is a tough discipline to master when you do it the ”traditional” way. No time to waste, skip up the years of specialized education! In this lesson, grab the essential real-life knowledge that you’ll be able to immediately put to use—by following the clear and actionable tips brought to you by Tony, Dean, and Russell. Being world-class marketing experts, all three creators of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint routinely make millions of dollars on their events, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn from them.

Videos in KBB lesson #2.1:

  • Marketing & sales redefined (34 minutes): The bare essentials you need to master for effective marketing and sales.
  • Mastermind marketing philosophy (17 minutes): The best marketing tips and approaches for events of all kinds—masterminds, workshops, presentations, etc.
  • Hook, story, close (37 minutes): Master the classic strategy of making effective sales, but now in the context of event organization.

KBB lesson 2.1 bonus: Quick hacks to overcome anxiety

KBB 2.0 Lesson #2.2: Mastermind Funnel Blueprint (34 minutes total)

A funnel is a logical sequence of events that turn a cold prospect into a raging fan that supports you with their wallet—a paying customer, in other words. The term derives from the  physical structure of a funnel: the upper part is wide, and it gradually gets narrower closer the end. So, for example:

  • The upper part of your funnel could be a series of blog posts that visitors read them to get a basic idea about you and you product. These blog posts would gently promote some sort of exclusive content available to email subscribers—that’s the next part of the funnel.
  • The middle part of your funnel could be a free training that visitors would get for subscribing to your email list, turning into warm prospects that are familiar with your brand. At the end of this free training, you could promote your paid content.
  • The tip of your tunnel could be a paid product, something based on all the previous steps of the funnel.

That’s just an example of how a sales funnel works in a nutshell. Of course, Tony, Dean, and Russel explain this MUCH better—and specifically in the context of event planning. Since Russell Brunson is the co-founder of ClickFunnels, the world’s most effective and successful online funnel making ecosystem, you can rest assured you’ll get a one-of-a-kind training in this lesson.

Videos in KBB lesson #2.2:

  • Website VS funnel (10 minutes) – Is there a difference? Which works better for events?
  • Anatomy of a landing page (8 minutes) – What makes an effective (and profitable) landing page?
  • What to charge for your event (8 minutes) – Both too high and too low prices can wreck your event’s success. Luckily, there’s a way to figure the right price.
  • Creating your first landing page (7 minutes) – Fast and easy, even without technical skills.

KBB lesson 2.2 bonus: The ”listen, do, succeed” framework

KBB Lesson #2.3: The Wagon Wheel (4 hours 56 minutes total)

In the real world, a wagon wheel needs many spokes to stay functional and turn effectively, propelling the wagon toward its destination. In a similar way, in the world of marketing, a successful venture (business, event, idea, etc.) needs at least a few different sources of stable traffic and income to thrive. For example, building a whole business on Facebook alone is risky—but having a website, a Twitter account, and a YouTube channel makes it much more reliable. But which channels work better? How do you get started? This lesson will guide you through all of the essentials!

Videos in KBB lesson #2.3:

  • The marketing wagon wheel (14 minutes)
  • Facebook blueprint (1 hour 29 minutes)
  • YouTube starter pack (40 minutes)
  • Social media secrets (1 hour 56 minutes)
  • Affiliates made easy (23 minutes)
  • Email management (12 minutes)

KBB lesson 2.3 bonus: Tony’s best advice for entrepreneurs

KBB 2.0 Lesson #2.4: The Different Pages (43 minutes total)

Many beginner entrepreneurs don’t realize this, but the ”boring” elements of their website, shop, or event page have a massive impact on their attendance rates and profits. Well, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint didn’t leave aside this crucial matter. In this lesson, you’ll learn exactly what makes a killing order and application page—and even create one right away!

Videos in KBB lesson #2.4:

  • The perfect order page (8 minutes)
  • The perfect application page (26 minutes)
  • Creating your order & application page (8 minutes)

KBB lesson 2.4 bonus: The secret to winning negotiations

KBB Lesson #2.5: The launch secrets (22 minutes total)

The launch of your event is one of the most thrilling and important parts of the whole venture, and many people struggle to get this part right. A slow launch will fail to generate momentum for your event, while a lightning-fast launch can potentially fail to gather enough participants. Should you go evergreen? What are the best channels to promote your launch? This lesson covers the essentials you need to know!

Videos in KBB lesson #2.5:

  • Launch & evergreen (22:36)  


KBB 2.0 Module 3: Run It (Duration: 1 hour 47 minutes)

Creating, filling, and launching your event is just the start of the journey—now you have to run it like a pro! Regardless of whether your event is held in the internet or in the physical world, there are quite a few things to keep in mind at all times, and this module of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint will guide you through this matter in a fabulous way.

KBB Lesson #3.1: The perfect mastermind formula (22 minutes total)

Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson—all of them know very well that a mastermind is probably the most profitable type of events ever. However, if you’ve never been part of a mastermind—how can you run one? Or, if you’re already familiar with what a successful mastermind is all about, what else should you know to replicate this success? In a nutshell, it’s all about the psychology of the event, and this lesson will tell you exactly what that means.

Videos in KBB lesson #3.1:

  • The psychology of running a mastermind (22 minutes)

KBB lesson 3.1 bonus: How to not get played by the ”Influencer Myth”

KBB Lesson #3.2: Virtual event checklists (11 minutes total)

Some 30 or 40 years ago, the only way to hold an outstanding event was to go out, find a place, and actually run the whole thing in person. Today, with a wide range of technologies at our disposal, multimillion-dollar events can be held online—if you know the basics of running a virtual event. Is there someone more qualified than Tony, Dean, and Russell to teach you that? Probably not, since all three experts routinely hold virtual events that bring in six-figure profits to their brands.

Videos in KBB lesson #3.2:

  • Running your virtual event (11 minutes)

KBB lesson 3.2 bonus: The importance of WHO, not HOW

KBB lesson #3.3: The perfect in-person event (36 minutes total)

Although you CAN run a highly successful virtual event, in most cases it will still be inferior to the impact and thrill of a live mastermind or workshop. Of course, they are much more complex than virtual events, so you’ll have to learn a lot of details before jumping to action—but all of them are worth it, to the last one. In this lesson, you’ll learn the basics of what makes a world-class live event, and how you can use this knowledge to organize a minor-scale (but major-success) event on your own.

Videos in KBB lesson #3.3:

  • The location (11 minutes)
  • The attendee communication (5 minutes)
  • Creating event assets (5 minutes)
  • Event logistics (7 minutes)
  • Final room prep (3 minutes)
  • Day of (2 minutes)

KBB lesson 3.3 bonus: Tony shares 10 things that will change your life

Lesson #4: Last Steps & Thank You! (29 minutes total)

To help you internalize all of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint effectively, this lesson will guide you through the whole process step by step. Don’t forget to make some extra notes while you’re at it!

Videos in KBB lesson #3.4:

  • Entire process step-by-step (21 minutes)
  • Thank you from Dean (7 minutes)

KBB lesson 3.4 bonus: Dean shares the 5 things you must give up to succeed


KBB Module 4: Knowledge Broker (Duration: 37 minutes)

For many different reasons, beginner entrepreneurs aren’t very eager to sell their own knowledge, skills, or expertise for a wide audience. Some want to keep their secrets to themselves, others want to build more confidence before going all out in this matter. So, does it mean you won’t be able to benefit from the KBB system, if that’s your case? Not at all! In this module, the creators of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint will teach you exactly how to act as a knowledge broker—organize and run events for other people, in exchange for a share of the profits!

Videos in KBB module #4:

  • What it means to be a knowledge broker (14 minutes)
  • Getting a commitment from the expert (14 minutes)
  • Foundation of a successful business (8 minutes)

KBB module 4 bonus: The truth about Tony & Dean’s success

By now, chances are you have a good idea about what exactly makes the whole Knowledge Broker Blueprint so valuable, and how it helped hundreds of people to reach success using the knowledge they already have.

The good news is that there’s so much more to KBB than just these 4 fabulous modules. Essentially, the bundle contains a powerful tool that can easily 100x your effectiveness in creating, organizing, and running events on the KBB system.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Mindmint Software.

Mindmint Software: the Perfect Tool for the Knowledge Broker Blueprint System? 

Mindmint software

In a nutshell, the Mindmint Software is a framework app created by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi to work specifically with the KBB system and drastically boost your speed, creativity, and productivity in creating and running highly-successful events.

You could say that the Mindmint is like a virtual assistant that will ask you the right questions, give you the right tips, and remind you of the most important details at the right moment. All in all, this will help you plan your event as fast as possible, without missing anything crucial along the way.

Specifically, here are some of the core features of the Mindmint Software:

  • Store in one handy place all the information on your attendees, speakers, trainers, and event staff
  • Craft the best agenda and itinerary, specifically for your event
  • Build a sales funnel to maximize filling rates and profits
  • Create a real, fully working landing page

The best part?

You get 6 months of unlimited access to the Mindmint Software with your Knowledge Broker Blueprint Purchase. Keep in mind, though, that after these 6 months, the product costs a recurrent monthly fee of $97 

Knowledge Broker Blueprint: What Makes it Better Than Similar Courses?

Here are the core benefits and unique features of the KBB system, compared to other training programs in the Knowledge Broker niche:

  • No other training in the world has been created by three world-class experts in the Knowledge Broker niche. Basically, you’ll be learning from the best teachers ever, at least when it comes to becoming a successful infopreneurs.
  • Trouble keeping your spirit up? KBB features a system of badges that you can pursue to stay motivated throughout the whole course!
  • Need some extra motivation? Earn KBB credits by watching the KBB videos and taking quizzes. Then, exchange these credits for additional Power Moves – unique bonuses from the KBB creators to maximize your growth.
  • After each lesson, you’ll find a dedicated set of transcripts and audios. Learn in the way that works best for you!
  • The KBB system isn’t just a ”lay back and watch” course. Each lesson comes with a set of specific action steps to take right away—and test your newly acquired knowledge in the real world!


Conclusion: Should You Try the Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

Hands down, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the most comprehensive online course on how to build a profitable Knowledge Broker from the ground up, even without any kind of previous experience. Taught by world-class experts in sales, marketing, business, motivation, and productivity, KBB stands in a league of its own—and it will be hard for any other product to claim its spot.

In other words, if you’ve been looking for an almost fail-proof strategy to build your own business, using the expertise you already have, and following the advice of experts who really know their craft—there’s no valid alternative to KBB. It’s just as good as it gets: practically perfect.

The downside, of course, is that it costs a pretty penny.

Currently, you can purchase the Knowledge Broker Blueprint for a one-time payment of $1,997 or 4 payments of $597. As a quick reminder, here’s what you get with your purchase:

  • The full KBB system with ALL the knowledge you need to organize and run profitable events, even if you’ve never done that before
  • 6 months of access to the Mindmint Software, a virtual framework that will drastically increase your productivity with the KBB system
  • Access to the private KBB Facebook group, where fellow KBB students work together and share their experience to help everyone grow
  • An invitation to several private trainings with Dean, Tony, and Russell
  • Access to live monthly training sessions with Dean Graziosi himself
  • High-converting sales funnel templates from Russell Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels and world-class sales funnel expert
  • A private one-hour training session with Jenna Kutcher, an experienced event manager that fully embraces the KBB 2.0 System

So, after reading this in-depth review of everything included in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, is it worth the investment? After all, as a premium course, it comes at a premium price as well.

That’s up for you to choose, but our verdict is that the KBB system is a worthy investment for anyone seriously determined to start a knowledge business. There’s just no other product that comes even close to its level of attention to detail and richness of advice.

The only requirement to succeed with the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is to go out there and practice the tips you’ll learn from it. If you don’t act, you don’t get results. If you do nothing special, nothing special ever happens.

On the other hand, if you use the KBB 2.0 strategy and follow the advice of its creators, your success becomes almost inevitable—as well as the related profits. If that’s the case, does it really matter if a course costs $20 or $2000? It’s all good, as long as you profit.

And with the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, your chances for that are extremely high.